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D04631C546AE5E3490B60BBF066F6C53B9A29965Restaff Release 2013 Music Pack II

The first thing on my portfolio is a pack I did for the official RPG Maker forums. Or rather, it’s a pack that I collaborated on. It’s a collaborated effort by me and six other musicians, whom I’ve been working with for a while now. The RPG Maker VX Ace software was released on Steam last year. Steam is an extremely popular digital platform from where people can buy and play video games for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It was definitely an honour to have my music hosted on such a service. Just recently, a Steam Workshop for the RPG Maker VX Ace software was opened up, and as part of the launch, we put up our “ReStaff Release 2013 Music Pack II” up on there. Free for users to use in their RPG Maker games (with conditions varying between us authors). This features just short of an hour of my music.

LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231694514


The second piece in my portfolio is Anibake. Anibake is a video game being made under Gojira. This is in collaboration with myself and Andrew Wells, the other musician and classmate hired by the client. We work directly with the game makers themselves, André Pereira and Duarte Gonçalves. Anibake is a mobile game designed to be run on both smartphones and tablets alike. Using GPS technology and geo-tagging technology, the game allows you discover, battle and capture different creatures based on the player’s geographical location and weather conditions. Choosing from types of animals such as urban, forest, water, air, or special boss animals, there’s a number of creatures to find and collect.


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 08.33.20Lost

The third piece in my portfolio is Lost, a student film (final major project) produced by Francesca Harris. I was the sole composer on this project and was recruited for this back in early April. The short film is about 5 minutes long, and it’s a story that doesn’t really rely on much narrative or dialogue. It’s about a school girl called Samantha who wakes up in a forest, not quite really sure where she is, or how she got there. Her shirt is muddy is tattered and her belongings are nowhere to be seen. As she starts wandering through the forest she starts to find her missing things. The way the camera shots are done imply that there’s many a way a viewer could interpret them, but personally I interpret it as Samantha slowly regaining her memories with each item retrieved only to realize that she is already dead by the end once she finds her own dead body at the end of the film. Morbid indeed.


PASSWORD: lostandfound

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 08.38.05Closed White Space

The fourth piece in my portfolio is Closed White Space. This is another FMP that I worked on for Nia Edufuah. It’s a short 1 minute and 30 second fashion film. It’s very dark, twisted and abstract. The film was recorded in one of the bathroom halls within Ravensbourne and we had Esme Brand as our model. The film also features voice over from Esme Brand which was where my role as editor came in. The film features a small written piece, a poem of some sort that plays over the film, giving it a more interesting tone.


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 08.42.03Rauch

The fifth piece in my portfolio is Rauch. It’s a 6 minute student film that was made by former Ravensbourne students, but edited by Emmalie El Fadli. The film basically portrays a stark situation between an American soldier and a German soldier as they meet at a particularly bad time. The American gets the pre-emptive strike on the German, but due to a gun malfunction, the American is caught off-guard and is knocked out. He then held hostage by the German, and even after a valiant effort to take out his captor, he fails and the film ends in rather weird way. I was asked to compose music for this in very short notice.


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 08.44.07JRPG Parody

The sixth piece in my portfolio is JRPG Parody. JRPG Parody is different from all the other entries because instead of music, I actually lent my voice as talent for the series. Produced by ProjectTrinity, JRPG Parody is about a group of 5 people each coming from their own different worlds called upon by this great white light to save the world. Pretty standard and cliché stuff, but that’s the idea: a parody of the JRPG (Japanese role playing game) genre. The series consists of five 5-8 minute long episodes, with a reboot due to be starting sometime next year which I will also be reprising my role in.


Hark The Roar of the Cinder

Hark The Roar of the Cinder

Voice Acting Demo Reel 2012

2 months ago I recorded my demo reel for this year. I hadn’t made one since 2010, so with that 2 year gap it was a great chance to show off how better I’ve become.

You can also download it here.

4 months of absence? What’s been happening?

I haven’t really been updating myself on this site for the past few months, other than going here to update my Resume. That being said there are a number of things that have happened and that I’m doing, and I’m going to briefly go over them, though some of them will have their own post in the near future.

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魔剣の姫 (Maken no Hime)

I have officially run out of minutes on Soundcloud, so until I have enough money to get a Premium account, you’ll be seeing YouTube versions of my pieces instead of the nice streamline Soundcloud widget. That being said, here’s another image I saw on Pixiv that I enjoyed looking at.

Fun Fact: My favourite color is red.

So here I decided to try out some instruments I’ve never used before in any of my pieces. The shamisen and shakuhachi, to give this piece a more oriental sound while still sounding graceful enough to portray the fact that this girl is a princess. I hope you enjoy!

Psi Ether

I thought I’d do something a little different. I initially wanted to make something synth-fronted, and it did start off like that. But I realize that as of late, that my signature instrument in my music pieces is the violin (even though I can’t play it physically). Eventually, it fused some calm synths with a catchy melody played on the strings.

Fuel the Fighting Flame

Taking inspiration from some of the music from the 3rd Bleach OST, I’ve come out with something quite interesting. JLS recently performed at the O2 Arena for the weekend and as I was working at all the concerts I heard one of their tracks, and I was ad-libbing a violin to it, and I came up with this 2 days later when I decided to put my ideas down.

Love Aquarius

Here’s something that’s a change of pace. I composed to an image of two characters in a rather romantic position underwater. My initial thoughts were romantic and magical, and this piece did start off with that, but soon it started sound very lustful which worked well with the picture itself. Intimacy, and all that.

Eyes of the Plight


Been a while, so I thought I should start updating the site with my newest compositions. Starting with Eyes of the Plight. Made this in two hours, which is pretty quick for something I just threw together, in fact. Usually, when I “throw something together” it takes me at least 5+ hours. But, in any case. Here we have an orchestral battle piece with themes of heroism with a melancholic aura.

Manaical Prodigy

I was composing the first parts of this next to my friend and he was saying that it totally has that Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts) sound. What else is new, huh? In any case, this was a piece that I just finished to get my creative juices flowing by composing to an image. The image depicted (above) a young girl amidst a burning city/village as she is wielding some sort of dark magic with a devilish look on her face.

My personal favourite part is the last bit at 2:07.