Blaze The Mystic Front

This is a piece of music I made sometime ago back in July. Made with a fusion of orchestral sounds and synths, I created something that sounds both epic and mystical/eerie at same time.

I listened to this about 20 times in a row XD it wins. You did an excellent job with it! It flows naturally and really works for being both mystical and yet action packed with a hint of desperation behind it. It would work very well for some kind of desperate rescue battle scene in an RPG. – Kaeoru, Newgrounds

The set fusion here is nicely balanced. I love that organ-like synth that you use, it makes a great divulge from the orchestral elements and fits along perfectly. The vibe of the entire piece I think is flat though. But overall, it’s perfect music for something like an RPG. Great job! – ZipZapper, Newgrounds

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