UPDATE: I won the bid for the Samson CO3U for £59.90 + £10 shipping = £69.90. Well chuffed with that.

Today I got paid, and I’m looking to buy a new microphone as a very huge upgrade from my *ahem*…Singstar mic that I’ve been using for most of my voice related stuff. I did start using a Neumaan U87 Ai for a period of time last year when I was in college, but I’ve just started university now and booking microphones is pretty tedious and long, so I’ve decided to shell out some money I’ve earned from my job at the London o2 Arena to purchase my own.

After doing a bit of research I’ve come up with two microphones, one of which I’m looking to buy. The Samson CO3U and the Rode Podcaster. Both mics, are particularly expensive and I get paid £70-£120 a week from my part time job, but I’ve found good prices on eBay of all places, with a bid for the Samson C03U currently going for £51 (retail price is like £100), which ends tonight at 7:20pm. I’ll know I’ll probably lose this bid anyway. And then there’s the Rode Podcaster going for £79 with a £10 delivery fee.

They’re both USB mics because they’ll work out more conveniently for me, especially since I don’t have the money to dish out on a decent pre-amp or audio interface just yet. That said, the game-plan is basically that I try and get the Samson C03U since I’ve heard many things about it and many of the amateur voice actors I know use this mic or the Samson CO1U. If I don’t win the bid, then I’ll go with the Rode Podcaster, which has a decent quality judging from the samples I’ve heard.

One of my friends, Mark Allen Jr made a video comparing the Samson CO3U to the RODE NT1-A basically talking about their dynamic qualities, what kinds of frequencies they’re good at picking up, etc. He talks about the Samson CO3U throughout the first half of the video.

Then as for the RODE Podcaster, I found a mic sample of it on SoundCloud where a guy has done a RAW recording with the mic, except he’s normalized it, and then afterwards it’s a commerical recording with the same microphone.

I’ll be purchasing one of these TODAY, as I know I won’t have enough money if I leave it till later.

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I'm Jeremiah George. Mostly known as McTricky online, and various places. Music, video games, anime, manga, piano. Those are my kinda stuff.

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