This, is almost a month overdue to be posted here. This is a small musical project that I spent the entire of my Christmas Eve on composing and mixing down this piece, all so that it could be released on Christmas Day. I composed it in 3 seperate “chapters” each with their own name.

  1. Lament (00:00 – 01:10)
  2. Ascent (01:11 – 04:08)
  3. Salvation (04:10 – 06:17)

The piece tells a really simple story of a fallen soul that ascends to the heavens where it finds salvation. Nothing more, nothing less. So for the first chapter, I composed something rather melancholy and sad, but still sounding powerful. Then for the second chapter I went for something more epic. I wanted something that would sound like it’s building up throughout the entire song, and have that sound and feeling of someone rushing up towards the sky. The third part ending up being an arrangement of a piece composed by Yuki Kaijura from the Puella Magi Madoka Magicka anime.

About McTricky

I'm Jeremiah George. Mostly known as McTricky online, and various places. Music, video games, anime, manga, piano. Those are my kinda stuff.

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