So I felt as if I was running out of musical creativity again recently and decided to compose something with a picture as inspiration. Here I have something which is a little bit of a change of pace to the fast-paced battle tracks I usually make, and settle for something a little bit whimsical yet powerful. The above picture was my inspiration for this piece.

About McTricky

I'm Jeremiah George. Mostly known as McTricky online, and various places. Music, video games, anime, manga, piano. Those are my kinda stuff.

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  1. tikvinki says:

    thts ws grt. very modern ,classical and a bit electro. ys i like that.

  2. Muuurgh says:

    Hey man, nice work. I think it’d be cool if you incorporated the modern drum parts somewhere in the middle, too, even if it was just subtly. For example, in the drawn out parts with the snare in the background it could be cool to have a groove on the bass drum with some rim shots here and there or something. Anyway, just a suggestion–sounds good either way!

    • McTricky says:

      Thanks for your feedback! It’s funny, because I was a little bit hesitant on how much of those drum parts I should have in the song in fear of ruining the “purity” of the piece, if that makes sense. So I ended up just having it at certain points.

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