Memories of Metropolis

So I felt as if I was running out of musical creativity again recently and decided to compose something with a picture as inspiration. Here I have something which is a little bit of a change of pace to the fast-paced battle tracks I usually make, and settle for something a little bit whimsical yet powerful. The above picture was my inspiration for this piece.

Redemption of a Lost Spirit

This, is almost a month overdue to be posted here. This is a small musical project that I spent the entire of my Christmas Eve on composing and mixing down this piece, all so that it could be released on Christmas Day. I composed it in 3 seperate “chapters” each with their own name.

  1. Lament (00:00 – 01:10)
  2. Ascent (01:11 – 04:08)
  3. Salvation (04:10 – 06:17)

The piece tells a really simple story of a fallen soul that ascends to the heavens where it finds salvation. Nothing more, nothing less. So for the first chapter, I composed something rather melancholy and sad, but still sounding powerful. Then for the second chapter I went for something more epic. I wanted something that would sound like it’s building up throughout the entire song, and have that sound and feeling of someone rushing up towards the sky. The third part ending up being an arrangement of a piece composed by Yuki Kaijura from the Puella Magi Madoka Magicka anime.

New Music Project – Condemned To Repeat

“Those who cannot remember the mistakes of their past, are condemned to repeat them.” – George Santayana

Condemned To Repeat is a new musical project I’m working on, that will come as a sort of compilation album, with the inclusion of some of my most recent songs. The idea and concept behind the project is that I will be remaking a number of my old compositions from 2008 to early 2009.

When I listened back to them, I appreciated what I had composed way back then, but with my improved skills I was thinking I could make them a little better. Also, the mixing on all of them were horrible, as I had no clue about mixing back then.

I’m planning to have 13 tracks, 7 new/recent tracks, and 6 remakes of old originals. I’m also considering for the first time to have some vocals in one or two of the tracks, so I’ll probably be going around looking for a strong vocalist to sing the kind of powerful songs I want to portray.

This is the tracklist, though this isn’t the final order/tracks or anything.

  1. Without Remorse (original)
  2. Duchess of Rouge
  3. Water In The Sky
  4. Shadows In Hell
  5. Right Hand of the Kings
  6. Underdog
  7. A Fateful Encounter (original)
  8. Epic Galactica  (original)
  9. Get Serious (original)
  10. Metallic Clash (original)
  11. Yggdra Brings Trouble (original)
  12. Set Fire to the Rain
  13. Testament

Samson C03U or Rode Podcaster

UPDATE: I won the bid for the Samson CO3U for £59.90 + £10 shipping = £69.90. Well chuffed with that.

Today I got paid, and I’m looking to buy a new microphone as a very huge upgrade from my *ahem*…Singstar mic that I’ve been using for most of my voice related stuff. I did start using a Neumaan U87 Ai for a period of time last year when I was in college, but I’ve just started university now and booking microphones is pretty tedious and long, so I’ve decided to shell out some money I’ve earned from my job at the London o2 Arena to purchase my own.

After doing a bit of research I’ve come up with two microphones, one of which I’m looking to buy. The Samson CO3U and the Rode Podcaster. Both mics, are particularly expensive and I get paid £70-£120 a week from my part time job, but I’ve found good prices on eBay of all places, with a bid for the Samson C03U currently going for £51 (retail price is like £100), which ends tonight at 7:20pm. I’ll know I’ll probably lose this bid anyway. And then there’s the Rode Podcaster going for £79 with a £10 delivery fee.

They’re both USB mics because they’ll work out more conveniently for me, especially since I don’t have the money to dish out on a decent pre-amp or audio interface just yet. That said, the game-plan is basically that I try and get the Samson C03U since I’ve heard many things about it and many of the amateur voice actors I know use this mic or the Samson CO1U. If I don’t win the bid, then I’ll go with the Rode Podcaster, which has a decent quality judging from the samples I’ve heard.

One of my friends, Mark Allen Jr made a video comparing the Samson CO3U to the RODE NT1-A basically talking about their dynamic qualities, what kinds of frequencies they’re good at picking up, etc. He talks about the Samson CO3U throughout the first half of the video.

Then as for the RODE Podcaster, I found a mic sample of it on SoundCloud where a guy has done a RAW recording with the mic, except he’s normalized it, and then afterwards it’s a commerical recording with the same microphone.

I’ll be purchasing one of these TODAY, as I know I won’t have enough money if I leave it till later.

Shadows In Hell

Made a song to another image which depicts a girl standing within the depths of hell, connected to a shadow of her great demon. This is the piece that came from what I had interpreted from it.

It’s also quite haunting which fits Halloween, which is today! Happy Halloween, guys!

“This really puts me at the edge of my seat. Each new phrase gives me another kind of shiver. The title is so spot on, too!” – Patricia Ferrete

“Wow. Just wow. Its like you suddenly exploded like a variety monster! First Water in The Sky and now this? This is near enough professional level dude! I can see you making it as a video game music composer easily.” – Leevan Blackwood

Water In The Sky

I have here a song that took two nights to compose, and mix down. This is another song inspired by an image. I feel that if I can practice composing to images, I can open up new ideas more easily. You’ll hear some water sound effects, which are obviously intentional to fit in with the theme. I composed to the image seen above.

“Don’t know what it is about your writing style, but you’re pretty brilliant, reminds me a lot of Nobuo & Shimomura, sheer excellence.” – Drew Gibson, SoundCloud

Duchess of Rouge

Practicing composing music to images as well as video. Used harpsichords for the first time in forever, and it felt nice, because harpsichords sound awesome when used right. I had a classical direction, initially, and then I went to infuse my own style into the piece, resulting in what you hear here. I composed to the image seen above.

I think you used it beautifully well! That drum syncopation/harpsichord combination reminds me a lot of Legend of Mana’s music. – Patricia Ferrete

Organized Fiends – Used In Context

Organized Fiends

I was practicing composing a piece of music to a video clip and that’s exactly what I did here, taking a scene from the video game: Xenoblade Chronicles, and then composing a piece to it. This would the finished product.

Without Remorse – Used In Context