Shadows In Hell

Made a song to another image which depicts a girl standing within the depths of hell, connected to a shadow of her great demon. This is the piece that came from what I had interpreted from it.

It’s also quite haunting which fits Halloween, which is today! Happy Halloween, guys!

“This really puts me at the edge of my seat. Each new phrase gives me another kind of shiver. The title is so spot on, too!” – Patricia Ferrete

“Wow. Just wow. Its like you suddenly exploded like a variety monster! First Water in The Sky and now this? This is near enough professional level dude! I can see you making it as a video game music composer easily.” – Leevan Blackwood

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  1. Muuurgh says:

    Hey Jeremiah,

    Pretty cool industrial-sounding track. I definitely can see the droves of tortured souls working tirelessly in mines of hellfire. I like that you’re composing off of a particular picture–it’s something that I’ve considered doing myself. Where’d you get those vocal samples at 0:43? They’re wild.

    – Greg

    • McTricky says:

      Thanks, dude! Yeah, I started doing the whole picture-to-music thing just last week, and I think it’s a really good thing to do, especially you’ll probably be doing this sort of thing in the actual VGM industry where you might be given a text brief or even just a picture to work off of.

      The voice samples were gotten from the Voice of the Apocalypse library which is included in the EQWL Symphonic Choirs collective library.

      – Jeremiah George

  2. Bowie says:

    There’s a reason you’re at Ravensbourne, dude.
    Talent. You have it in spades. Would like to hear your interpretation of a village or roaming world map theme…

    Heroic compositions.

    • McTricky says:

      I have a bank of pictures I’ve got from that I’ll be going through, and the next one that I’m working on, should sound much calmer than everything I’ve made recently.

      – Jeremiah George

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